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Guaranteed painless recovery
from hemorrhoids with no surgery

  • In 5 years, 1757 patients were cured
  • The course of treatment is from 1 to 3 procedures
  • Out-patient treatment using Italian and German methods
  • Reception without a queue with complete privacy of the visit
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We offer painless treatment only with a guarantee of recovery

Treatment course includes 1 to 3 procedures

Due to our non-surgical treatment technology used in Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, you need to visit only 1 to 3 procedures lasting from 5 to 15 minutes for complete recovery.

Full visit privacy with no lanes

Together with our administrator, you agree on the convenient time of the visit. And coming at the appointed time - you immediately get to the doctor, without waiting and meeting with other patients.

Treatment without pain and surgery

Hemorrhoid nodes are located in an area without pain receptors, so we guarantee that your treatment will be free of pain. And our technology of treatment will allow you to get results without operations and in-patient stay in the hospital.

Recovery Guarantee

We guarantee a recovery after the course of treatment in our clinic. We provide a free examination and diagnosis for 1 year after treatment. Your doctor will consult you about the detailed conditions.

Our services
for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Consultation of a doctor
experienced over 10 years

Our manager contacts you and agrees a convenient visit time. When you come to the doctor at the appointed time, you will be the only client in our clinic, without other ones. At the doctor's you will receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan with a guarantee of recovery, for 45 minutes only.

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of diseases

German equipment and 10-year experience of physicians allow painless identification of early hemorrhoids, as well as possible diseases of the rectum. Early diagnosis of hemorrhoids allows you fast and painless treatment without complications.

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Band Ligation

We will restore your health in case of 2-3 stage of hemorrhoids using treatment with the German apparatus, the method of blocking the hemorrhoids supplement. Treatment is painless and includes only 3 to 5 procedures lasting for 5 minutes.

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Infrared coagulation for the treatment of hemorrhoids

You will receive a complete recovery in case of hemorrhoids 1-2 stages only in 2-3 sessions lasting for 5 minutes. For treatment we use the German apparatus, which painlessly affects the hemorrhoidal nodes, resulting in vessels conglutination and nodes atrophy. During treatment you do not lose your working ability.

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of anal polyp

Anal polyps may result in cancer, so timely treatment will prevent the development of complications. Our doctors, practitioners of polyps` removal for more than 10 years, will treat them using Italian equipment, leading wound healing 2 times faster than after a large operation. You do not need using anesthesia and going to hospital.

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Treatment of external
node thrombosis

Standard surgery performs an operation by carving the thrombus together with the node using a scalpel. Using an Italian apparatus we make a small hole and take out the thrombus. The next day inflammation passes and patients feel healthy.

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Our Proctology Clinic
shines clean

The proctologic
outpatient clinic is

4 years of successful treatment

For four years, our doctors have faced various cases of hemorrhoids, and each time they successfully manage them. As a result, more than 1,400 of our patients regained their health and enjoyed a sense of comfort.

Doctors are practicing more than 10 years

Our doctors are graduate specialists in the direction of " surgery " and " Proctology ", which have been practicing treatment for proctologic diseases for more than 10 years. Their experience and skill is a guarantee of high-quality treatment.

Modern equipment

Our doctors use advanced equipment from Italy and Germany for treatment. That allows to provide you modern and qualitative treatment - quickly, without pain and complications.

Disposable materials
for customer convenience

We take care of you and you do not need something to bring with you or prepare at home before the procedures. We will provide everything you need for diagnosis and treatment: disposable shorts, shoe covers, slippers, diapers, napkins.

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about the benefits of treatment in our proctology outpatient clinic

Our doctors specialize
in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Yatsuk Kate

Head of Rivne

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Zvarych Alexandr

Head of Ternopil

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Nedostup Alexey

of the Ivano-Frankivsk department

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Gavryliuk Elena

of the Ivano-Frankivsk department

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Maria Monastyrska

of the Rivne department

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Alina Shpadik

of the Ternopil department

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of our doctors


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